29 Apr 2007

Ruby (and Rails)

I have this major project at uni, to develop a web app following the whole SDLC, in a group of six. We (well the team leader) decided that we should use Ruby on Rails. Me being the “Python junkie”, i wasn’t interested in Ruby. As i have had no experience in using Django or Turbogears i couldn’t suggest these, whereas the team leader has had some experience with Rails but to what extent i do not know.

Anyway, ive been looking into Ruby and its just seems like Python. Hash’s and Dictionaries. But Rails as a framework is great, to the extent that i understand so far. Which is not much. I just watched the first screencast and each time something worked the screencaster says “oops” as if it something didn’t work. Ruby…well reading Why’s (Poignant) Guide To Ruby, is, i admit fun/different and who can resist Cartoon Foxes with who ramble on about Chunky Bacon, what else can i say?

More to come.