Experimenting with Python frameworks and modules

Experimenting with Python frameworks and modules
Photo by Zarak Khan / Unsplash

I've been very busy since last semester got a new job as a Python (Zope) Developer. Then quitting from my previous job which i was still considered an intern. Now im in my  second and last semester of university and I graduate at then end of this year!

Even though i haven't had free time to actually write a post i've had some of those times were you need to do work but cbf so you end up doing totally random stuff? Well i've had those times a plenty in which i experimented with couple of Python frameworks and modules.

First one i tried was Turbogears. Remember that major project i have were we are using Rails well that's what spurned me on to actually try a Python web application development framework. Oh and also the Python411 Podcast. Well installing Turbogears on a Mac is very easy by following this guide

  • I had Python2.5 already installed and the default version to run when python is run, so i skipped that step.
  • I had to install the easy_install using ez_setup.py
  • Then i downloaded tgsetup.py and ran it which downloads and install everything for you, except for the database wrapper.
  • The database i have installed on my Mac is MySQL 5.0 and the driver for that is MySQLdb. This was the tricky part of the whole installation process of Turbogears. So i downloaded MySQLdb and tried running sudo python setup.py install, but it failed. The solution to this failure was tricky but after a bit of Googling the problem was that setup_posix.py had the wrong path to mysql_config file which is located at /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql_config on my Mac. Changing the path and running setup.py again worked. Then
    i tested it by trying to import MySQLdb from Python again and that seemed to work aswell (no Exceptions).
  • Then to actually test to see if Turbogears was correctly installed i ran this command tg-admin quickstart and entered a name for the project and package name (in this case it was wiki, creating wiki's with web application development frameworks seems to be the Hello World program of languages). Then started the built-in webserver by running the script start-wiki.py and accessed it via https://localhost:8080/ and i got the "Welcome to TurboGears" page.
  • I haven't done anything else with Turbogears as i was interested in the installation process.